louis vuitton outlet Snooki Slams NYC Mayor for Car

Snooki Slams NYC Mayor for Carrying On With Marathon

New York Cit louis vuitton outlet y Mayor Michael Bloomberg is catching a lot of flack today for deciding to carry on with the NYC Marathon on Sunday despit louis vuitton outlet e the continued power outages, transportation setbacks, gas shortage, debris, and other complications associated with the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, and one of his very vocal critics is Jersey Shore own Snooki.

Snooks, who showed support for fellow victims of the storm with bags upon bags of donated supplies, tweeted her opposition to the mayor decision today, writing still doing this d n marathon heating tents for the runners? IS THIS A JOKE?! Help th louis vuitton outlet e f ng people who just lost their homes!

Snooki herself is a louis vuitton outlet little displaced right now (which explains her extreme sensitivity to the issue). A girl can only change diapers in the dark so many times before the flashlight batteries run out, and besides, it the chilly season so mom and baby probably need that heat!

louis vuitton outlet Snooki Sheds Tears of Sadness

Snooki Sheds Tears of Sadness

As the Jersey Shore cast packed their bags and left the Shore house, possibly for the last time, Snooki couldn’t help but shed a few tears of sadness at leaving it all behind. Luckily, she had the head from a giant bunny costume on hand to hide her enervated condition from the world. The little meatba louis vuitton outlet ll triumphantly left Seaside behind with her bunny head held high.

In louis vuitton outlet typical fashion, though, the Jersey Shore star ran into some other problems. Apparently, Papa Polizzi forgot that his daughter isn’t the type to pack light and forgot to bring the car with the trunk to pick her up. He came to collect his daughter (and her 362 suitcases) in his zippy louis vuitton outlet little BMW sports car. Well, that’s very fancy and all, but he wound up having to strap several of her bags to the top of the car. Snooki’s pouf and the bunny head got the front seat.

Of course, while Snooki got daddy dearest to help her with the moving, Deena chose the classic guidette method of moving her suitcases throwing them down the louis vuitton outlet stairs.

louis vuitton outlet Snooki Flaunts Her Huge Baby B

Snooki Flaunts Her Huge Baby Bump in Skin

Snooki bump has finally sprouted, and now it just won stop louis vuitton outlet growing!

The expecting mom proudly showed off her ever growing bump on Twitter on Monday (July 9) by posing in a skin tight black minidress and super tall co louis vuitton outlet rk wedges.

The new mom has reason to be happy: She recently wrapped filming of Jersey Shore Season 6 in Seaside Heights and can now enjoy the final trimester of her pregnancy in the comfort of her own home and without the MTV cameras.

PHOTOS: Snooki Moves Out of Seaside With Trash Bags

As Wetpaint Entertainment first reported, Snooki and the cast were mo louis vuitton outlet ved to a hotel after wrapping filming on Friday, July 6, to film wrap up interviews and discuss the season. The ph louis vuitton outlet oto that Snooki tweeted looks an awful lot like the inside of the Shore house, so she may be filming After Show interviews with the rest of the cast.